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About Route 613
Route 613 - Your Route to GeRut Route 613 is a comprehensive conversion preparation program geared for students interested in halakhic conversion to Judaism.  Through weekly  classes, shabbatonim and other extra-curricular activities, Route 613 helps people, examining their own roots, find their “Routes to GeRut” on their own pace, supported by passionate and empathetic teachers.  The supportive group setting allows students to help one another, creating strong bonds throughout the conversion process and beyond.  Route 613 provides a rigorous educational approach, stressing Judaism’s balance and normalcy in creating a life of mitzvot, and our responsibilities to God and man, while emphasizing the Torah’s ability to deal with contemporary challenges.

The program is comprised of weekly classes, and a variety of extra-curricular activities, including Shabbatonim, chesed activities and trips to places of Jewish interest designed to help integrate our students into the larger Jewish community.  By offering an intensive Orthodox conversion curriculum in a group study format, Route 613, directed by Rabbi Maury Kelman, allows students to learn at their own pace in a supportive environment.  Approximately 25 candidates successfully complete the conversion process annually, most converting through the Rabbinical Council of America.  Since 2004, Rabbi Kelman has taught and overseen some 300 students who have successfully converted, with many of them now raising families or becoming involved in numerous ways in their local communities, strengthening the Jewish community throughout North America and Israel.

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You can give tzedakah to us with no extra effort on your part! Please go to and register Kedma USA, Inc., our parent organization, as your 501 (c)(3) charity of choice. Then, when you log into Amazon Smile, .5% of your purchase goes to Kedma, at no cost to you, supporting programs in Israel as well as Route 613! Thank you and happy shopping!

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