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Experience Israel: 3,000 Years in 10 Days

Join Rabbi Maury Kelman in February/March 2021* for a Thrilling and Inspiring Trip to Israel Tailored for Converts and Those in the Conversion Process:

*Please note that trip dates are currently tentative due to the pandemic.

Come join us for a magical, unforgettable tour of Israel this February, which combines touring and Torah study, tailored for the beginner, all at the amazing price of $1,475 per person! We will experience Shabbat in Jerusalem, Davening at the Kotel (the Wailing Wall), and enjoy Shabbat meals with local families. We will visit the Galilee and Golan Heights, walk the streets of Tsfat, the medieval center of Kabbalah, hike Masada, see the modern city of Tel-Aviv, and tour historic archeological excavations. During our journey, we will also meet top scholars and Israeli leaders, which is an amazing opportunity not usually available to those traveling on their own. The cost is all-inclusive of lodging, tour bus, an English-speaking tour guide, a daily lavish Israeli-style breakfast, four dinners, tips and all scheduled special events, but excludes air fare.




Day 1 - Monday

Welcome to Israel!

Pick up in Jerusalem or Ben Gurion Airport
Breakfast in Ra’anana with Guest Speaker
Zichron Yaakov - Aaronson House and Winery
Dinner & Overnight in the Galil


Day 2 - Tuesday

Golan Heights
Har Bental
Army Base (if possible)
Dinner & Overnight in the Galil

Day 3 - Wednesday
Bet Shean
Bet Alpha
Religious Kibbutz and Yeshiva - Guest Speaker
Arrive in Jerusalem
Dinner & Overnight in Jerusalem


Day 4 - Thursday

Special Study Session in Yeshiva in the morning
City of David – Davidson Center
Western Wall Tunnels
Dinner in a local restaurant
Overnight in Jerusalem


Day 5 - Friday

Free morning to visit Machane Yehuda
Israel Museum/Biblical Lands Museum
Kotel for Kabbalat Shabbat
Dinner in Private Home
Overnight in Jerusalem

Day 6 - Shabbat 
Shabbat Lunch in Private Home
Walking tour, Learning
Free Night – Enjoy Jerusalem’s Great Cultural Attractions
Overnight in Jerusalem

Day 7 – Sunday
Dead Sea
Ein Gedi Nature Reserve
Dinner & Overnight in Jerusalem


Day 8 – Monday
Special Study Session in Yeshiva in the morning
Yad Vashem
Mount Herzl - Cemetery
Dinner in Machane Yehuda (
Overnight in Jerusalem



Day 9 – Tuesday

Tel Aviv Area

Bullet Museum

Independence Hall


Final Group Dinner in a local restaurant


(if you are staying in Israel longer, we are happy to help you with any arrangements)

Sign Up and Fee Deadline:

If you are looking to sign up, we need at least twelve people to make it happen. Please fill out this form and pay the $400 non-refundable deposit to reserve your spot.  The first 12 to pay their deposit will receive a $50 discount on the overall price! The remaining portion of the overall cost will be due in January. For information on how to pay, email us at And please share this with any friends you think may be interested!

Past Participant Reviews:

"The trip to Israel with Rabbi Kelman is transformative and essential for anyone exploring Judaism and planning on conversion.  I always thought I would go to Israel AFTER I finished, but going during the process made everything I've learned real and important in a way it never could have been before."   Andrea

"Rabbi Kelman's trip to Israel takes us back in time through the most significant parts of our land where our great ancestors once walked with God and made history.  It's not only a geographical and historical trip, but also, a spiritual discovery of our roots and a reconnection to our God."  Hadassah Paladin

"Rabbi Kelman's organized trip to Israel was beyond wonderful! It was great to get such a sense of Israel while surrounded by the comaraderie of other converts.  We had an incredibly knowledgeable guide and also the incredibly passionate Rabbi Kelman who gave us such a personalized taste. We met so many people, had incredible speakers - many organized and also many chance encounters on the streets of Yerushalayim when Rabbi Kelman would bump into an old friend who was so happy to speak with our group. This was my third and most meaningful trip to Israel - I felt so at home."  Elizabeth Kemeny

"Having been to Israel many times before I can assure you that there is no better way to experience the country than with Rabbi Kelman and his team. From the minute we arrived, to the minute we departed, we got to experience Israel "like part of the meshpucha."  We met so many interesting people, from our very knowledgeable and humorous tour guide, to the other members of the group, to families who hosted us for dinner on Shabbat.  If you are lucky enough to be a part of this trip, do not is an experience that will change your life."  Jeffrey

"Despite having been to Israel a few times before, including group trips, this journey was uniquely invigorating with respect to my spiritual connection to the land and my understanding of why that connection is an inextricable part of who we are."  Scott

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